When choosing a financial advisor for a lasting relationship, it’s important to know how and why they are different. At Nilsine Partners, we’re proud of the attributes that set us apart.

Our Difference
Client Advocacy

We support each client relationship as true advocates, beginning with our deep understanding of the various aspects of their lives that may impact their financial affairs. We champion our clients as individuals and work hard for their success. We strive to exceed the fiduciary standard by proactively pursuing solutions for their needs and best interests.

Holistic Approach

We take a holistic approach to building each client’s customized plan by learning and truly understanding every component of their family’s wealth and the interrelationship of their various financial goals. As a second-generation business, we focus on the role of family and provide a highly personalized, white glove approach to serving our clients. Through collaboration and process, we bring all the skills of our team to benefit our clients. They can rely on us for our expertise, innovative thinking, and genuine care.

Our Independence

We operate in an environment offering only objective and individually tailored advice. We work in an open architecture that ensures our ability to fulfill and exceed the fiduciary standard.

Our Triangulation of Advice

As an independent firm, we offer a ‘triangulation of advice.’ That means our advisory role is distinct from the resource partners whose products we may recommend. And in turn, those partners are also independent from the custodian we’ve chosen to safeguard our clients’ assets. Together, these three parts unify to serve our clients, but, as separate entities, we work to manage and mitigate conflicts of interest.

We help our clients determine purpose in their financial decisions by assessing impact on their values, family members and business interests.